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Montage Designbuild is a boutique architectural firm specializing in residential projects
Montage Design Build is a boutique architectural firm offering unique solutions and complete client service. With its head office located in Islamabad, and site office in DHAI (Defense Housing Authority Islamabad), Montage DB is on the cutting edge of Residential architecture, interiors and medium sized construction. Montage DB was established in 1998. Our team members, comprising engineers and architects, have strong background in their respective fields. Our project portfolio includes residential architecture, interior design, turnkey solutions, commercial interiors and institutional planning. more details can be found at


Here an overview of the services we provide.

Helping You Find the Perfect Location Before you can build an extraordinary home, you need an extraordinary location. Choosing the perfect site for your dream home is critical. A good lot, even one that costs a little more, can save you a lot of money in the long run, and sometimes the least expensive lots can present challenges to home design that are expensive in the long run. That is why Montage Designbuild offers complementary site evaluations. Haven’t purchased the lot yet? No problem! We’ll still come out and look at it so that you can make an informed purchasing decision. An experienced and professional Montage Designbuild team member will evaluate critical on-site factors like access, grading, drainage, and soil condition. We have years of experience building on all kinds of lots. Let us put that to work for you. We’ll make a knowledgeable appraisal so that you can make a decision about a lot that will provide you with peace of mind. Sometimes we even recommend conducting proper soil tests before purchasing the lot. This has become significant these days as most of the housing societies, in and around Islamabad, are leveling sites to create even plots. During this process, the low laying land is artificially filled up, to give the look of a plane lot. Such sites become very expensive to build, as the building foundations must go down to the natural soil level. Hence you are most welcome to consult us before buying a lot of land, and we will guide you to the best of our abilities


Montage Designbuild prides itself in being one of the most innovative, passionate and professional team of engineers and architects in Islamabad, Pakistan. Our portfolio says it all. We have worked on all kinds of projects in Islamabad and with all sorts of clients. But residential architecture remains our Hallmark. For us architecture is a belief that our design faculties, our ideas and our abilities to resolve problems, can translate your aspirations and dreams into a reality: a reality that will exceed your expectations. For us architecture is not just about beautiful elevations, but a reflection of dreams, lifestyles and lifelong experiences. Moreover for most people it’s a lifelong investment. And we excel in responding to all these factors in a most artful manner. The architects and Designers at Montage Designbuild are well conversant with the local as well as imported materials available to them. They will guide you through the whole selection process for your structure, construction and finishing. We are also very enthusiastic about energy efficient measures built into structures and take into consideration insulation, orientation of buildings as well as thermal conductivity of different materials. The real challenge is always to achieve a cost- benefit balance of these measures, and we try to achieve that in the most efficient way. As for the overall look our architects firmly believe that ambiance of a house is strictly the client’s prerogative. We do not believe in “Signature” designs and will bring out the most artful rendition of your ideas and preferences. While we sail along with your ideas effortlessly, we also make sure that different components blend well together and the resulting whole is a calm and understated composition of parts. If you are planning to build a house in Islamabad and looking for an architect in Islamabad, Pakistan make sure to ........ Get connected with our architect in Islamabad


Montage is one of the best construction companies in Islamabad. We can help you make a home of your dreams in Islamabad. From the selection of land, to architecture design, construction and interiors, we can lead you professionally and efficiently, at every step. We believe that the two most important challenges we face during construction are Quality of construction Cost of Construction Quality of Construction For us the basic principal for achieving quality in construction is that “there are no short cuts to quality”. We not only follow engineering standards but go an extra mile to ensure that everything that goes into the making of our projects follows engineering standards as well. This requires Going to laboratories, testing the materials that we use for specified performance. Visiting Factories and production houses, to make sure that all procurement is up to the mark. Engaging with labor force, hiring the most talented masons and craftsmen, ensuring that the best hands are put to work. Going an extra mile to retain our labor, knowing good craftsmen are always hard to find. Professional supervision at every step along the way. We do not believe in subletting works, no matter how small. All our sites are managed by full time engineers/supervisors, who are in turn supervised by architects and structural engineers on weekly basis. Testing sampling and mockups. We make sure that before taking any work to a bigger scale samples are made, tested and mockups carried out, hence minimizing chances of failure. Cost of Construction in Islamabad For Montage Designbuild, construction process and its budgeting begin only after all designs are finalized. Hence the budgeting for first phase i.e. structure and services is completed only after Architecture design, Structure design, Plumbing and Electrical Designs are finalized. The budgeting for second phase i.e. finishing is finalized once all interior finishes and designs are finalized. Our architects and designers are always available to work with you on finishing as soon as the Construction starts, but many clients prefer to defer this process till the Slabs are poured, so as to get a clear idea of the scale and nature of spaces, before venturing into selection of interior finishes. By breaking down the construction process in two phases, we can guarantee the budget and minimize changes to the plan during execution. Now it’s time to sit back and relax while we go to work. We understand that our clients are busy people. We won’t waste your time, but we will keep you updated with weekly photos, a schedule, and budget updates. We believe in transparency. When problems come up, we’ll let you know about them. And we will deal with them. Once construction is completed and we are satisfied that it meets our exacting standards, we schedule a final walk-through with you. If you notice any issues during the walk-through, we take care of them right away. We proudly back our projects up with a warranty program for up to one year and even afterwards if desired. Build a ready-to-move-in house in Islamabad…. HASSLE FREE! Contact our construction company now for best work.


makes an empty space a “Treasure Chest of Living”. This philosophy applies to how our interior designer in Islamabad works on all of our projects, whether residential, commercial or hospitality interior design project. Our interior design sensibilities in the residential field translate seamlessly into the commercial and hospitality designs, giving each a unique and intimate quality. Many a times, our interior designers have to work on existing spaces, which need to be designed to accommodate a new user/program. In all such projects it’s the potential of the space which is explored to the maximum, bringing out the very best of the existing, be it old, new or classic. We can design your interiors, to accommodate all of your requirements and create an ambiance that reflects your personality; in short we make it a “treasure trove” for the generations to come. Interior Decoration in Islamabad Interior Décor requires procurement of all sorts of furnishing, art works, wall treatments, floor treatments etc and given the level of market development in Islamabad, this could be such a daunting task. This search usually takes us to Lahore or Karachi, or even Dubai. Moreover we have also developed very good sources of furniture in Gujrat to create bespoke furniture if time allows. So we have developed a large number of resources for Interior Décor, which are utilized to match the requirements budgets and tastes. If you are looking for the services of interior designer or interior decoration in Islamabad, you come to the right place, contact us now for detail discussion.

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