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This page is dedicated for those who are doing dairy sector strong & strong day by day...youngsters,researchers,vets & off-course dairy farmers...


Here an overview of the services we provide.

Cow (8) Cow Offered Cow is available in various colors such as brown, white and black. Provided cow produces high milk and its milk is easy to digest as well as sweet in taste. White Cow Brown sahiwal Cow Sahiwal Milking Cow Crossbreed cow Hariana Cow Pure Rathi cow Rathi Dairy Cow Rathi Cow

Jersey Cows

Jersey Cows (5) Jersey Cows Provided Jersey Cow produces milk that is easy to digest, safe to consume and rich in calcium. This cow is highly demanded in market for its ability to produce high milk. Pure Jersey Cow Jersey Breed Cow Brown Jersey Cow Jersey Cow karnal Jersey Cow


Buffaloes (7) Buffaloes Offered Buffalo is highly admired among clients for its ability to adapt hot and cold environment. This buffalo produces milk that is rich in calcium, protein and fats. Milking Murrah Buffalo Murrah Buffalo in Karnal Murrah Female Buffalo Non Pregnant Murrah Buffalo Murrah Buffalo Haryana Murrah Buffalo Pure Murrah Buffalo

Sahiwal Cows

Sahiwal Cows (6) Sahiwal Cows This Sahiwal Cow is widely demanded in market for its ability of producing high milk. Contain high calcium and protein, provided cow milk is good for all age group people. Sahiwal Cow Sahiwal Cow in Haryana Pure Sahiwal Cow Red Sahiwal Cow Sahiwal cow in karnal Pure Sahiwal Cow

Holstein Friesian Cows

Holstein Friesian Cows (4) Holstein Friesian Cows This Holstein Friesian Cow has various features such as adaptable in any climate, excellent fertility and prolonged lactation cycle. Offered cow is widely appreciated for producing high milk. Holstein Friesian Milking Cow HF Cow HF Cow In Karnal Pure HF Cow

Tharparkar Cow

Tharparkar Cows (1) Tharparkar Cows Provided Tharparkar Cow is highly appreciated among clients for its ability to adapt any environment conditions. Offered cow produces milk that is sweet, rich in butter content and safe to consume by any age group people.

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