About the SEFA

We wish to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as a young company providing solutions to Dairy Farming Industry, involved in creating a consortium of several International Companies.


Here an overview of the services we provide.

Sefa Bucket Machine Details Sefa ultraliner Details Sefa Impulse Details Sefa Impulse Air Details Sefa Heatime® Pro System Details Sefa Calf Milk Pasturizer Details Sefa Wash Station Details Sefa Automatic Cluster Flush System Details Sefa Manual Liner Flushing System Details Sefa SILOKING TrailedLine Premium the heavy-duty range Details Sefa SILOKING TrailedLine Compact the medium range (7m³ Details Sefa SILOKING TrailedLine Smart the mini range (3m³ / 5 Details Sefa Technology Details Sefa Heatime® HR LD System Details Sefa Heatime Pro System

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