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Shifa International Hospital is a tertiary care organization that aims to provide the highest quality medical care to all patients in a caring and compassionate manner by an outstanding team of healthcare professionals in an atmosphere conducive to the practice of good medicine. Our commitment to quality healthcare goes beyond bricks and mortar.


Here an overview of the services we provide.
Clinical Services

Liver Transplant Considering a dire need of establishing a Center of Excellence in Liver Diseases and to established a sustainable Liver Transplant & Hepatobiliary Surgery Program in Pakistan, Shifa Int. Hospital Islamabad started its preliminary project work in 2011. On 30th April 2012, Shifa Liver Transplant team performed its first Living Donor Liver Transplant Surgery on a 12 year old patient. Since then, over 700 Living Donor Liver Transplant Surgeries have been performed at the facility. The center is currently performing over 200 Liver Transplants per year with success rate compatible to International standards. For Pakistani patients, who mostly needed to go abroad for Liver Transplantation are now benefiting availability of this complex surgical treatment in homeland. Today, Pakistan is among World’s leading nations who have been successfully providing Liver Transplantation services to their people in conformity with International quality & patient safety standards. It is a landmark achievement in Pakistan’s medical history that such a complex and advanced surgical treatment has been provided to the Pakistanis by utilizing expertise of Pakistani healthcare professionals at a local facility.

Urology & Kidney Transplant Center

Urology & Kidney Transplant Center Shifa Kidney Transplant Program An Overview: Shifa Kidney Transplant program is Pakistan’s leading transplant program that provides state of the art services and facilities to the patients, eliminating the need of its inhabitants to go abroad in order for the treatment. With an objective to establish a Center of Excellence for treating kidney diseases in Pakistan, Shifa International Hospital started its Kidney Transplant program in 2001 and so far the team has performed more than 500 kidney transplant surgeries in both adult and pediatric patients at the facility. From its inception, the program adheres to ethical medical practices and guidelines on organ donation and transplantation.

Cancer Treatment Centre in Pakistan

ncer is a group of diseases that occur due to unchecked abnormal growth of body’s cells which spread later making the immune system so weak that it is impossible to fight back. It is estimated that each year 150,000 new cancer cases are diagnosed in Pakistan. The high prevalence is contributed by number of factors. The most common risk factors of cancer include unhealthy lifestyle and exposure to chemicals and radiations. The Cancer Center at Shifa International Hospital is a center of excellence for diagnosis and treatment of various Cancer types in Pakistan since early 1990’s. The hospital has a state of the art treatment facility for cancer patients supported by latest technological equipment and internationally experienced and board certified multidisciplinary team of medical, radiation, surgical oncologists, and radiologists. The Center offers treatments for a wide variety of cancer treatments. Shifa International Hospital takes pride in being a 24/7 support facility for chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant patients. Hospital is also equipped with a state of the art Linear Accelerator and CT Simulator (Wide Bore) used for accurate visualization of tumors and normal tissues in each individual patient so that accurate targeting of tumors and protection of normal tissues can be ensured.

Shifa Heart Centre – Bypass & Open Heart Surgery

Enhanced External Counterpulsation

A New Treatment for Angina & Heart Failure Is chest pain, fatigue or shortness of breath robbing you of strength and stamina? Is it difficult to climb stairs, take a walk, or enjoy daily activities? There is a way to reduce or eliminate those symptoms, without surgery, without interventional procedures, and without going to the hospital! It’s called EECP Angina is a common cardiac condition in which someone can experience symptoms including chest pain or discomfort, shortness of breath, nausea, sweating, vomiting and pain in the arms or jaws. This condition may be a result of over exertion and is common in people who have previously been diagnosed with heart problems. Heart failure means that despite of normal venous pressure, heart is unable to maintain sufficient cardiac output to meet the demands of the body. Irrespective of the cause of heart failure, approximately 50% of patients die within two years of diagnosis from either progression of the disease or from sudden death. Both the conditions occur despite of the availability of medicines and invasive procedures (i.e. Angioplasty & Bypass surgery) One of the newest treatments for angina and heart failure is called Enhanced External Counterpulsation, or EECP. The term Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP) describes what happens during treatment. EECP treatment is ‘External’ because it happens outside of the body and doesn’t require surgery or other invasive procedures. ‘Enhanced’ refers to the equipment that has evolved over decades of research and development to become the state-of-the-art treatment delivery system now used in EECP treatment centers. ‘Counterpulsation’ occurs between heartbeats. EECP system pumps when the heart is resting and relieves pressure just before the heart beats. Counterpulsation increases blood flow to the heart muscle, decreases the heart’s workload, and creates greater oxygen supply while lowering oxygen demand. EECP carries little or no risk and is administered in outpatient sessions. It is literally as easy as taking an hour’s rest. Here’s how it works: You lie comfortably on a special therapy bed. . A series of blood pressure cuffs are wrapped around your legs. You are hooked up to an EKG machine so the cuffs inflate and deflate in sync with your own heartbeat. During the heart’s resting phase, when it normally receives its supply of blood, the cuffs rapidly inflate, pushing oxygen-rich blood toward your heart. Just before your heart begins to pump again, the cuffs rapidly deflate and blood leaves your heart without the muscle having to work as hard. Each treatment is 60 minutes long, and you come for 35 treatments in total. The body has its own solution to pain and problems caused by partly blocked arteries. When an artery is partly blocked, the body can increase the amount of blood flowing to the muscle by opening up tiny branches of nearby arteries. These networks of tiny blood vessels, known as collateral circulation, create new routes by making it possible for blood to detour around clogged arteries. EECP stimulates the body to use this natural solution. Clinical studies indicate that EECP creates a ‘natural’ bypass of obstructed vessels by promoting the development of collateral circulation. EECP encourages blood vessels to open small channels that become extra branches. These channels eventually may become permanent conduits to heart muscle previously deprived of oxygen. EECP is a proven effective treatment and may be a preferred option for many patients. More than 100 published clinical studies on thousands of patients showed more than 80% success rate with patients experiencing significant improvement or complete end to their symptoms of heart disease. Some patients’ angina decreases so much that they are no longer candidates for other surgical procedures, such as cardiac bypass surgery or angioplasty. Others use less medication or are taken off medication completely. After receiving EECP, patients often are able to enjoy moderate exercise for the first time since they developed angina pectoris, can walk faster and farther; carry heavier packages and be more active without having chest pain, can return to work, go out to dinner, garden, travel, or enjoy their life once again; they no longer restrict their social lives, volunteer activities, or exercise because they are worried that they will cause angina. Hence EECP improves the overall quality of life. Benefits of EECP have been shown to last for at least two to three years. EECP is particularly well-suited for those angina and heart failure patients who are not the candidates of invasive procedures (Bypass surgery and balloon angioplasty) or unwilling to undergo them, had prior bypass or angioplasty done and are again suffering from the same problem or have co-morbid conditions. EECP is administered in outpatient sessions, carries little or no risk and relatively comfortable for patients. It is non-invasive and does not cause trauma to the patient. There has been little known risks involved with the therapy. Some patients have experienced minor skin irritation due to the pressure of the cuffs. Once you are selected as a candidate by your treating physician, little else is required in the way of preparation. You should continue taking your medication at the regular prescribed dosages throughout the course of treatment and confer with your physician as needed. There are no known adverse effects as a result of receiving treatment with EECP. Because each individual’s condition is unique, there is no specific time when you can expect to feel an improvement. Experience has shown however, that patients tend to report some improvement in their condition after as few as 10 or 12 treatment sessions, although others do require longer. EECP is performed at more than 650 locations throughout the U.S as well as in other countries like Argentina, Canada, China, Columbia, France, Germany, India, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. In Pakistan this facility is currently available in Shifa International Hospitals.

Emergency Rooms

Our emergency Service is staffed round-the-clock with a team of highly skilled physicians, nurses and support staff specially trained in the emergency treatment of adults, children and infants. PATIENT GUIDE TO ER This Guide has been prepared to answer questions about your care at SIH’s Emergency Department, where our main priority is to provide quality care with a personal touch. How long will I have to wait? Every effort will be made to see patients as quickly as possible. We know your time is valuable, and when you are ill, any amount of time waiting can seem like an eternity. Triage We use a system called triage to determine he seriousness of your illness or injury. We try to see patients on a first come first serve basis. However, sometimes more severely injured or ill patients are given higher priority and will be taken care of first. Fast Track Fast Track is a special service with in the emergency room for the treatment of minor illness and injuries, such a sprains, cuts and lacerations, possible fractures, minor burns, wound care and the flu. With the back-up of Emergency Department physicians, Fast Track is staffed by certified nurse practitioners, nurses and technicians. May I have Visitors? In the most cases, one or two family members or friend may stay with a patient in the treatment area. In case of serve illness or injury or physician evaluation, family members may be asked to remain in the waiting room until all the procedures and testing are completed. If the patient is a small child, parents are allowed to remain in the treatment area. Will I have to wait for a consultant? Although SIH’s full-time emergency physicians can treat a broad range of medical problems, it is sometimes necessary to call in a consultant to provide the most effective treatment for you. Sometimes delays can occur waiting for a specialist if the doctor is in surgery or must leave his clinic to come to the ER. But please remember, these decisions are made in your best interest-diagnosis often takes time. How much time will the doctor spend with me? SIH’s Emergency Department physicians spend as much time as necessary to obtain a complete patient history and assessment to make an accurate diagnosis. Time is also spent evaluating laboratory and X- ray results or in consulting with other physicians. In emergency medicine, we spend most of our time on your diagnosis in order to treat you effectively. Will the doctor give me the treatment I request? Sometimes our patients and family believe they know what treatment or test should be given based on what their friends have said or something they have read. Do not hesitate to tell our staff if you think something has been overlooked. Often what you have in mind is just as acceptable as a treatment we have planned. If so, we will be happy to honor your suggestion. If not, we will try to explain to you what is medically best. Will my family doctor be contacted? SIH does not routinely contact the family doctors of all patients who pass through the Emergency Department. However, we will send doctor a copy of your Emergency Department records with your consent. SIH will also contact your family doctor if an emergency patient needs urgent follow-up care after released from the Emergency Department or is admitted to the hospital. What if I’m in pain? At SIH, we take your pain seriously, assess it regularly, and treat it with your input. We want our patients to be as comfortable as possible. SIH has the latest medications available for the treatment of pain including oral, intramuscularly, intravenous and inhalation forms of medication. Although it may not be possible to completely remove your pain, it is possible to reduce pain to a tolerable level. Who can answer my questions? While you are in the waiting room, the triage nurse will answer your questions related to medical information. When you are in the treatment area, our doctors and nurses will be happy to assist you. Please do not hesitate to call a nurse or ask a family member to request a nurse if you have questions about your diagnosis or treatment. How will I be billed? You will receive a bill for the services you receive in the SIH Emergency Department, which would list down: Emergency Charges Emergency Physician Group Any Specialty consultant involved in your care (this may include a radiologist or cardiologist for the interpretation of test results) Please remember that it is often expensive to offer the comprehensive medical care that SIH provides. We are here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, supporting a facility large. Equipment – Cardiac Monitors -Pulse Oximeter – Glucometers -Temp. Pace Maker – Cash Cart with Defibrillator -Dynampas – Infusion Pump -Portable Cardiac Monitor

Blood Transfusion Services

Provides special services like Plasmapheresis, stem cell harvest, and single donor plateletpheresis besides running 24/7 for routine donation and issuance service. BTS-SIH takes more than 10,000 blood donations a year and performs viral screening on more than 25,000 samples a year on state of the art Abbott instrument CI 8200X by 4th generation ELISA. BTS performs ELISA testing for many rheumatic and few infectious disorders besides basic immunology for antibody screening. Recently pre-storage leukodepletion and cryoprecipitate production by blood transfusion service has added to the quality of care for critical patients. BTS-SIH has supported 1st live donor liver transplant programme in Pakistan by providing around 2,000 blood products on emergency basis for 35 transplant patients in one year. Blood Donation Blood is something we all expect to be there for us when we need it, yet only 4% of us give blood - many people would not be alive today if it wasn't for the generosity of our donors. Most people can give blood, but all donors have to meet the eligibility criteria before their blood is accepted to ensure there's no risk of us harming you or the patients who will receive it. Who Can Donate Blood ? Physically and Mentally Healthy Individual. Weight: 50 kg and above. Age:Above 17 years to 65 years. Those who Cannot Donate Blood If you have: History of Jaundice/Hepatitis. History of serious illnesses . Drug Addiction. Unsafe Sexual Practices. Major Surgery/Expected Surgery. Pregnancy.


Nutrition is an integral part of the medical care. It focuses on the impact of foods and nutrients on health and disease management. Nutrition therapy provides the nutrient prescription, which includes an oral diet, dietary supplement, enteral and parenteral nutrition for caring of hospitalized and home patients.New and improved diets and delivery techniques are used to administer nutrients both safely and effectively in Shifa, based on the latest research available in the field of nutrition globally. The approach of providing dedicated care to patients regarding nutritional management is complete and involves the goal of setting a road map to guide the patient towards a desirable nutritional status and healthier lifestyle. Every nutritional plan is tailor-made for each patient, depending on the patient life-style, eating habits and medical history. State of art computer assessment tools are employed in order to precisely determine the fat, lean body mass and water contents of the patient body, and the patient unique basal metabolic rate by the Body Composition Analyzer. This can help to determine the goal of the tailored nutritional plan for the patient. Special nutrition programs include hyper lipidemia, diabetes, eating disorders and hypertension treatment. Extended treatment program service is available as a continuation of the above mentioned treatments, if the patient condition warrants it. Regarding weight management, patient receives a potent behavior modification training and cognitive restructuring in order to remove the underlying causes of the excess weight. The department also provides supervised, patient specific healthy diet and exercise plan which is designed to achieve permanent weight management.

Weight Loss Program

Having a normal body composition is very important because it directly correlates the overall state of health and the lack of it is an early indicator of potentially serious health complications. An overweight person is not necessarily an obese person. Obesity is precisely defined as an excess of body fat resulting in significant impairment of health. When a obese, patient loses fat, it is a direct attack on the root cause of chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, cancer and many others. Losing weight is not necessarily losing fat, one might be sacrificing lean muscle tissues as important electrolytes. At Shifa International Hospital, using a diagnostic medical instrument, we can precisely measure your body fat, lean body mass (muscles, bones, body fluid and connective tissues) and your unique metabolic rate (your ability to burn calories). If you need to lose body fat while increasing the muscle content you must know your initial body composition and a follow up to measure that you’re burning fat not wasting muscle during weight loss. The body composition computerized-assisted analyzer recently installed at Shifa gives you a 6 page clinical prescription for controlling fat through individualized diet and physical activity recommendations. It guides you to permanent life style change to reduce health risks. The test is simple, completely painless and takes just a few minutes, a couple of sensors are attached to the body (e.g hand and foot ) and the body’s resistance to a weal electrical current is checked. It is recommended that you get reanalyzed every six to eight weeks, especially if you have changed your diet or exercise regime. EAT WELL, LOOK SLIM, FEEL BETTER At Shifa International, we believe that changes in eating and exercise behaviors are necessary to ensure long-term weight control. Our scientific weight loss Program combines: Diet Exercise Behavior Our program guarantees an EFFECTIVE and PERMANENT solution to being Overweight. Our team brings many years of international experience, to provide you with your own personalized plan to loose weight and live a healthy life. IMPORTANT INFORMATION No two persons route to permanent weight control can ever be the same. The human body presents at once a complex and individual challenge. Nutrition is a science. It is a fact that lasts forever unlike certain called diets. At Shifa International we will discuss the best nutrition plan for you. Using the latest computer assisted technologies, we offer you access to up-to date scientific knowledge.

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