About the Bisconni

Bisconni brings you a wide variety of carefully crafted biscuits and cookies that are sure to make your day a bit more fun! Come together and share Bisconni delights with your family and friends to celebrate your precious moments of togetherness! Meri Har Khushi- Bisconni


Here an overview of the services we provide.

Cocomo is among the star brands of Bisconni. With a burst of Chocolate, Milk, and Orange in its unique biscuit shell, Cocomo is way ahead in the race of the filled segment, leaving you asking for more!


Bisconni’s Chocolatto holds a real surprise for the chocolate aficionados. Rich, creamy chocolate encased inside a fresh crisp cookie is a feast for the buds. It is very very special inside.

Chocolate Chip

Bisconni Chocolate Chip Cookies being the leader in the segment is crunchy to bite and loaded with chocolate chips that melt in the mouth like a divine offering. The crunchy texture and the smooth rich taste is chocolate lover’s dream.


Leading the industry being the most preferred black biscuit, Rite offers a distinct taste of vanilla cream sandwiched between two dark biscuits. It not only offers extra cream in every bite, but it is a fun biscuit equivalent to a treat in the snacking time: That’s Rite!


Bisconni Craving is a taste straight from the heavens. Available in the flavors of peanut, cumin seeds and coconut, Craving is known for its strong aroma that fills the senses and makes one yearn for more. The rich, smooth cookies are an instant fix to all your cravings.


The undisputed leader in the wafers segment, ruling over the hearts of children and adults alike, Novita is a unique four-layered wafer with three layers of deliciously smooth cream filling. Indulge in the flavor of Chocolate and the fresh fruity flavors of Orange, Banana and Lemon. These crunchy wafers are the ultimate sweet snack for Pakistanis!


A quirky twist in the traditional chocolate offering birthed Bisconni’s Flo. The chocolate-dipped cake is available in two different flavors, chocolate and vanilla is packed with sweet goodness that flows right through the heart into your soul.

Treat Gold

Bisconni offers a regal treat boxed in Treat Gold. The premium cookies specially crafted for the royal taste buds are ideal for any occasion. Treat Gold doubles happiness in life.

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