To grow as a reliable and responsive, IT Based, Business Centric, Global Forum.


By Creating a responsive, interactive and reliable IT platform, facilitating business to business and people to business relationships for mutual benefit of all the stakeholders.



The Gap

The globalization and has affected almost all facets of this modern age. The affects and resultant changes are felt and experienced individually as well as at societal levels. The business and economy are no exceptions. The answer to this globalization and internet based interactive environment is however lacking in uniformity and standardization as far as global businesses is concerned. This holds good once different categories of businesses are interacting with each other or once individually people want to interact with a particular business. There exists a total vacuum and awaits a single Global Business Forum or Platform where ONE BUSINESS UNDERSTANDS ALL THE OTHERS AND ALL OTHERS INCLUDING COMMON PERSON UNDERSTANDS THE ONE AND EACH.

Meshcop is an IT Based, business centric and partnership building platform which has been designed with the aim of providing a reliable and common interface between businesses as well as enterprises, investors and small and medium entrepreneurs to work alongside and along with each other. It’s a forum with global outreach having tailored made and custom built business models, relevant to various regions, countries and continents. Gist of dimensions which we are covering in mechcop umbrella are:

  • Through our specially designed registration process, get the most relevant as well interested people and businesses on board in various categories and levels.
  • Providing an opportunity for the businesses to show case their business models and investment opportunities clearly defining how other businesses and people can joining them in their projects or ventures.
  • Providing a meeting place and multi-faceted forum wherein businesses can search for the right and relevant manpower and thereby creating job market on the sidelines.
  • Through our peculiar and multi layered system of verification, label the prospects or opportunities in following distinct categories of :
    1. General. Options visible and open to all registered users.
    2. Featured. Options only accessible to Featured clients and customers.
  • Trusted. Options duly verified by meshcop with appropriate guarantees
  • Using the available facilities and data, provide job opportunities to the emerging youth
  • Providing globalized training and education opportunities to the businessmen and people thereby synergizing the efforts and resources in a more coordinated and orchestrated way.

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